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Not ‘Jappy’ about ‘Javy’

The BC Lions have started the season 1 – 4.  Things are not going well.  Wally Buono, who until now, hasn’t made any changes because of his loyalty and belief in his players’ abilities, went out and made a couple of changes.  Now, I’m all for change when necessary, but if you ask me, they added players at positions that seem to be their strongest.

Are we to believe this early season swoon is due to the lack of a running game and ineffectiveness at middle linebacker?  Really, Wally?

In my humble opinion, the running game with Martel Mallett has been surprisingly effective, at least when the Lions don’t find themselves down by two or more scores and have to go away from it and go exclusively to the air attack.  So why bring in yet another new running back?

This year and last, myself and other fans in my circle have commented on how well Javy Glatt has played, how he always puts in an effort, and plays to the whistle no matter what the score.  The Canadian linebacker, I think, has been a key cog to the Lions defense, and many ti,es i have seen him chase down receivers from behind when the secondary doesn’t step up and make the tackles they should.  Maybe we should teach the secondary to make tackles instead of replaceing Javy Glatt….are you listening, Wally?

For someone who is so reluctant to change quarterbacks because of loyalty or stick-to-it-iveness, or whatever you want to call it, I think he’s make a couple of unnecessary, knee-jerk reactions in the wrong places.

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