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All-Star shame?

4 times a year the 4 major North American sports put on an All-Star game, and 4 times a year sports reporters and broadcasters trip over themselves to be the loudest and most adamant with their disdain for all All-Star games.

“All-Star games are a waste of time!” we are told, and “All-Star games are nothing like a regular season game”. Not to mention the good old standby “There isn’t enough competitiveness in All-Star games!”

To these comments and this general sentiment I say:




Oh no!  You mean to tell me that All-Star games are different than a normal game?  Not the same as a regular-season contest?  Dare I say they could even be described as special or unusual?

Isn’t that the point?



Why do these All-Star games get panned time and time again?  Can we not take them for what they are?  For what they are intended to be?  The very best of the best in a particular sport putting on an exhibition of skill….or, you know, showing off.  Somewhere along the line this has become insulting to those that cover sports.

For example, the NHL All-Star game, we are told, doesn’t have enough hitting, doesn’t have enough intensity, and the teams have almost no defensive game plan at all.  This is seen as a bad thing.  I guess the only thing we can do is have the All-Star coaches pick their own teams.  They can add as many checkers, defensive defencemen, and big hitters as they want. Furthermore, we can pause the regular season league schedule for two or three weeks so the two all-star teams can hold mini-training camps so that the respective coaching staffs can drill their defensive systems into the players so they are all on the same page.  Heaven forbid one of them be out of position briefly and give up a scoring chance!  

Ironically, many of these reporters that cry about the lack of competitiveness in NHL All-Star games also bemoan the lack of entertaining hockey in the regular season and that the entertainment value has been coached out of the game with coaches implementing rigid defensive systems choking out any offensive opportunities or creativity.

Yes, we aren’t going to see a lot of intensity in an All-Star game, because quite frankly, there really is no reason to “hate” the opposing team.  There isn’t a sense of team, or “us against them” because these players are flown in for 2 or 3 days.  Its just not going to happen.

What we do quite often see, however, is the top players in the game showing off some incredible skills that we more often than not wouldn’t be able to see too much of in a regular season game.  We get to see fantasy line combinations, best on best, one-upsmanship, and an out-of-this-world exhibition of skill unequaled in any other situation.

Let’s enjoy All-Star games for what they are and not saddle them with unreasonable expectations and compare them to regular season games, because, well..they’re not regular season games… and that’s a good thing!


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Hey Vancouver! How you Doan?

Now that free-agent frenzy has become a bit , well, less frenzied, and now that the Canucks’ signing of Jason Garrison has been digested, dissected, and discussed ad infinitum by the local hockey fans, and now that the Luongo trade rumours seem to have leveled off, at least while he was in Vegas for a poker tournament, the big news in Canuck land is the possible signing of one Shane Doan.

Yes, the local hockey world has turned its focus on acquiring Shane Doan, with Canucks fans getting a collective “Doaner Boner”.  This time last week one barely heard anyone mentioning  the possibility of the Canucks’ interest in Shane Doan, but after his agent’s interview on a local radio station and his stating that Vancouver is ‘definitely in the mix’, that seems to be all anyone wants to talk about.

It would appear that Doan and his agent haven’t completely turned out the lights on a return to Phoenix, but the mere fact that they are openly shopping his services around the NHL is telling.  It is my opinion that the Canucks will be on the outside looking in once Doan signs, but I think they will be seriously considered for a number of reasons.  I just don’t think Mike Gillis will be willing to offer more than 2, maybe 3, years while other teams will be.

Wherever he does end up, it will be big news, and I expect a flurry of signings by the other teams on his list once he does sign.

we now resume our regularly scheduled sports blog

Hello readers.  After a brief (over 2 years!), and productive hiatus, your humble blogger has returned to continue posting quality entertaining and topical bloggery.

It would seem I have a little catching up to do.

Since my last post, the Vancouvr Canucks have gone to the Stanley Cup final and took the Boston Bruins to Game 7 before losing in spectacular fashion 4-0 on home ice sparking the City of Vancouver’s SECOND “Stanley Cup Riot” in less than 20 years.

The Vancouver WhitecapsFC gained entry into and are competing in the MLS.  Having been to a couple of games, I am pleasantly impressed with both the entertainment value and the competitiveness of the club.

The BC Lions, after starting the season 0-5 are the defending Grey Cup Champions beating the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on their home field under the new BCPlace retractable roof.

2 years of blogging to make up for.  Your humble blogger will be looking to comment on several topics in days to come.  Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

Geroy Simon

Geroy Simon

Geroy Simon shown here moments after becoming the CFL’s all time receiving yardage leader

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