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Hey Vancouver! How you Doan?

Now that free-agent frenzy has become a bit , well, less frenzied, and now that the Canucks’ signing of Jason Garrison has been digested, dissected, and discussed ad infinitum by the local hockey fans, and now that the Luongo trade rumours seem to have leveled off, at least while he was in Vegas for a poker tournament, the big news in Canuck land is the possible signing of one Shane Doan.

Yes, the local hockey world has turned its focus on acquiring Shane Doan, with Canucks fans getting a collective “Doaner Boner”.  This time last week one barely heard anyone mentioning  the possibility of the Canucks’ interest in Shane Doan, but after his agent’s interview on a local radio station and his stating that Vancouver is ‘definitely in the mix’, that seems to be all anyone wants to talk about.

It would appear that Doan and his agent haven’t completely turned out the lights on a return to Phoenix, but the mere fact that they are openly shopping his services around the NHL is telling.  It is my opinion that the Canucks will be on the outside looking in once Doan signs, but I think they will be seriously considered for a number of reasons.  I just don’t think Mike Gillis will be willing to offer more than 2, maybe 3, years while other teams will be.

Wherever he does end up, it will be big news, and I expect a flurry of signings by the other teams on his list once he does sign.