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‘Squeaky wheel’ to prevent UFC events in Vancouver?

Here we go again.  Once again our beloved city of Vancouver is being held hostage by the vocal minority.  It seems that democracy always takes a back seat to small, special interest groups presenting local governments with ‘squeaky wheel’ dilemmas.

UFC has time and time again expressed an interest in bringing its popular and successful brand of entertainment here to Van-City.  Of course the UFC has been banned as a ‘bloodsport’ in our city since its inception.  In recent years, however, there has been a call for city hall to soften its stance because of its popularity.  Of course, there is no good reason to keep this event out of our city.  While there are many good reasons to bring it here, not the least of which is that it will bring a much needed boost to our local economy at a time where there are not many positives in that respect.

Proponents will tell you that it is a bloodsport, it is obscene and it will cause plenty of fights in the crowd, promote violence, and attract ‘gang-member types’ to  our city.  If you ask security at almost any local event at GM Place or BC Place, they will tell you there are always problems at any event be it a Canucks game or  Lions game or a concert.   Apparently some ‘gang-member types’ like hockey, football, and, believe it or not, music too.

The logic behind the argument to keep this event away is very weak, non-existant really.  By this reasoning we must close down GM Place, BC Place, and any and all bars that show UFC events or Canucks and Lions games for that matter.

What is really happening here is the same thing that has been plaguing Vancouver for years and years.  Its always the vocal minority that wins the day by complaining about every initiative or event that wants to get started in this town.  I think its time to stop greasing the squeaky wheel and get moving forward.